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Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors

National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS)


PSLS Director to NSPS: Michael Given, PLS

Contact Mike for any questions you may have about NSPS, how PSLS is affiliated, or how NSPS Membership benefits you.

NSPS Executive Director Mid-Year NSPS Activities Summary

NSPS Public Relations

The NSPS Public Relations Committee has released New Brochures.


100% State Affiliate Membership Program

What is the 100% State Affiliate Membership Program?

In spring of 2012, the NSPS Board of Directors passed a motion to pursue obtaining 100 percent membership from state affiliates, such as Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors (PSLS).

PSLS signed an agreement called a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NSPS in March 2013 after the PSLS Board of Directors approved the affiliation. Note: Participation covers members according to the state in which they reside.

Benefits and National Programs

NSPS Benefits of Membership
CST Program
Hydrographic Certification Program
NSPS Insurance Program

What are the dues?

Dues for state affiliates are $40 annually (non-affiliates are $225) -this is in addition to regular state society dues. To ease into the transition and make it more affordable, the board established a fee structure. Student dues are $10 annually.

For more information about NSPS go to http://www.nsps.us.com/ or contact NSPS Director of Pennsylvania, Michael Given, PLS at mike.given@williams.com.

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