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Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors

Life/Fellow/Honorary Members

Life Members

Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors is proud to recognize these dedicated members who have volunteered their time and shared their expertise throughout the years to help improve the Society for future generations. These individuals were nominated by their chapters and approved by the PSLS Board of Directors to hold the status of Life Member, which affords them the privilege of full membership.

A. Michael Aimonetti, PLS
Richard G. Bach, PLS
Lawrence R. Bailey, PLS
Philip W. Bearn, PLS, PE
Gregory C. Bell, PLS
Ribello Bertoni, PLS
Duane P. Bishop, Sr., PLS
Joseph D. Borsa, PLS
Allison M. Bradbury, PLS
Robert C. Brady, PLS
Dennis L. Burkhart, PLS
John E. Butler
Joseph P. Carr, PLS
Edmund A. Chadrow, Jr., PLS
Joel S. Cirello, PLS
Lawrence J. Cleary, PLS
Kenneth R. Comstock, PLS
William L. Conver, PLS

Thomas H. Crews, PLS
Eric L. Cunard, PLS
Robert T. Delauter, PLS
Donald R. Dodson, PLS
Howard W. Doran
Wayne P. Eichfeld, PLS
Clarence E. Ferguson, Jr., PLS
James J. Fisher, PLS
Donald Hannegan
Daniel R. Hendricks, PLS
Donald Hetrich
Richard A. Holler, PLS
William R. Hower, PLS
Walter E. Hunley, PLS
Leonard D. Karfelt, PLS
Andrew F. Kent, PLS
Robert P. Kiley, PLS
Henry B. Knapp, PLS
Gregory L. Kohl, PLS
Heinz B. Krause, PLS, CS
Dale A. Kulp, PLS
Daniel K. Lake, Sr., PE, PLS
Dale R. Leonard, PLS
Eugene E. O'Connell, PLS
Wesley W. Parks, PLS, Ph.D.
Ralph M. Pidcock, PLS
George H. Reiff, PLS
Donald E. Rife, PLS
James A. Rigby, III, PLS
Byron W. Rimmer, PLS
Donald Roth, PLS
Robert M. Russell, PLS
Charles M. Schmalzer, PLS
Robert J. Storm, PLS
Henry I. Strausser, PLS
Paul A. Waters, PLS

Fellow Members

An individual may be chosen from the membership and voted on by the PSLS Board of Directors to become a Fellow Member after having rendered outstanding service to the land surveying profession and/or the Society. This individual has been approved as a Fellow Member.

David T. Logue, PLS

 Charles H. Foster, PLS

Honorary Members

An Honorary Member shall be an individual who by reason of outstanding devotion and contribution to the Land Surveying Profession is found deserving by the Society Board of Directors.  These individuals have been approved as Honorary Members.

Charles D. Ghilani, Ph.D.

Thomas A. Seybert, Ph.D., PE

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