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Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors
Past President Council

The Immediate Past President shall be the Chairperson of this Committee which shall be comprised of Past Presidents of the Society.  This Committee shall be available for advice and counseling to any of the current officers of the Society.  Also, this Committee shall recommend short term goals and long-term policies and programs.  They should meet at the Annual Surveyors' Conference and additionally as needed.

Chair: Brian Yorkiewicz

Current Initiatives

Develop a panel of five Past Presidents to act as a sounding board to the Executive Committee:

  • Ideas associated with business and professional relations committee
  • Consider residency of Commonwealth for officers;
  • Membership initiative, in order to increase our membership numbers.

Develop a team of five Past Presidents to assist the President-Elect in planning his tenure in advance

  • Bring the Board of Directors Manual back to life

Current  Members (Year Served)

Lional (Buck) Alexander, PLS (1994)

William J. Beitler, PLS (2011)

Brent L. Birth, PLS (2012)

Emil A. Bove, PLS (2008)

Michael F. Brinkash, PLS (1989-1990)

Dennis L. Burkhart, PLS (2005)

Adam D. Crews, PLS (2014-2015)

John G. Fuehrer II, PE, PLS (1996) 

Robert E. Garlitz, PLS (1992)

Donald H. Kamp, PLS (1995)

Douglas A. Kramer, PLS (1991)

Michael D. Kreiger, Jr., PLS (2016)  

Karl E. Kriegh, PLS (2013)

Daniel K. Lake, PE, PLS (1993)  

William L. Lehman, PLS (2010)

David T. Logue, PLS (1988)

Robert R. Miller, PLS (1997)

Randall R. Myers, PLS (2007)

James E. Pahel, PLS (1998)

Donald E. Rife, PLS (2004)

Byron W. Rimmer, PLS (2006)

John K. Seamans, PE, PLS (1999)

Dennis E. Sheehan, PLS (2002)

Thomas C. Smit, PLS (2001) 

Not Currently Active

Lynn S. Hofius, PLS (2000)
Richard L. Phillips, PLS (2009)
John B. Yerkes Jr., PLS (1967-1968)


In honor of those who passed before us…

William T. Weir, PE, PLS (1969-1970)
Earl S. Bauder, PLS (1971-1972)
Howard G. Hartmann, PLS (1973-1980)
Thomas R. Gibbons, PLS (1981-1982)
David T. Naylor, PLS (1983)
Stanley M. Sowa Jr., PLS (1984)
N. David Schrevelius, PLS (1985)
Charles R. Weir Jr., PE, PLS (1986)
Ralph E. Piatt, PLS (1987)
Nicholas D. Remy, PE, PLS (2003) 

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